Friday, August 7, 2009

Lil Moments

This is a space I can write down all the silly things my daught has said..We have made them "Kali Moments" even when someone else is a little slow to get something they say "I've had a Kali Moment" here goes...

**Yesterday she was texting her friend and he said he was sick..she asked him if she could catch whatever it was he has thru texting cause she wasn't feeling good...

**Once just a few months ago my nephew was filling up a fish tank and I told him not to fill it too full..he needed to leave some room..K jumped in and said "plus if it's to full your fish will drown"

**A couple days after before mentioned "fish drowning" my oldest boy asked K "if I have 5 fish and 3 drown how many would I have"..she counted on her fingers and said 2...btw she's 15 y/o almost 16...scarry

**We once went to the river to swim..she had on my step-daughters t-shirt and it was a little big so they tied it in a knot in the back.after a few mins of swimming she came running out of the river screaming "GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!" My son looked at her with a crazy look she then ran to me and I said what K? She then looked over her shoulder with tears in her eyes then calmly said "Oh its just my shirt"

**She was little when this happen...but I had to go to work and didn't have a car so I was going to walk with the 3 youngest and my boyfriend at the time into town so I could go to work and my mom was babysitting..anyway I went to take K's hand "it was approx a 2 mile walk" she says "where we going?" I said "to grandma's mommy has to work"..she says..."ok but thats a long walk you know I'm going to go to sleep..

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